One team, Many talents

Our globally spread teams bring you more than just unmatched domain range, industry expertise and hiring versatility. Embracing the quintessential spirits of diversity, collaboration and inspiration, they deliver more than just results – they drive a habit of excellence. Our team comprises people who specialize in a wide swathe of areas such as recruitment, web marketing, social media marketing, BPO work, Call Center requirements, generating content for press releases, websites, blogs, newsletters, brochures, designing websites and logos, creating company statements or mission statements of companies, proposal drafts, graphic design, and using mobile technology as well as developing new applications using mobile technology. Here’s what makes our team amongst not just our, but your, strongest fortes.

  • Specialists across the hiring spectrum - Job search, Research, Sourcers, Recruiters, Business Developers, Recruitment Trainers and more.
  • Lean, focussed and friendly teams working as your extended team.
  • Hiring veterans synced to your time-zones and schedules.
  • Global specialists with local knowledge.
  • Talent professionals backed by years of industry experience.
  • A team carrying a proven track record across industries and roles.
  • Experts at leveraging latest technologies and practices to custom-craft best-fit solutions.
  • A DNA of out-of-the-box thinking that fuels fresh answers to conventional challenges.

A go-getter attitude that pushes us to go the extra mile.

Ours is a team of go-getters, constantly staying ahead in the learning curve in their chosen fields to deliver the best possible solution to our clients within the stipulated time frame. Our focus on fulfilling your requirements means that you can outsource your challenges to us, knowing that they will be overcome at a fixed, pre-determined cost to you. No matter what you have retained us for, rest assured that your needs will not be side-lined in favour of a larger account. Our team always appreciates our client’s trust in our abilities and works to ensure that the client’s faith is respected. If we have committed to a deadline, our team works together to ensure that the deadline is met.

Cracking the client-satisfaction code with the trifecta of Communication, Cohesion, Creativity.

All members of our team are briefed on the big picture regarding the requirements of a client, even as they are allocated specific tasks. Our compact team-size ensures that individual team members stay connected with each other and interact with each other over smoother communication channels to bring out the best in their colleagues. This not only ensures that the entire team is on the same page (both with each other and with the client), but also engineers faster and better results. Perhaps most significantly, a uniquely open and encouraging atmosphere inspires innovation and creative thinking at every step, leading to out-of-the-box solutions that drives client satisfaction consistently, and makes work a rewarding experience to look forward to.

Values and habits that make up our DNA.

  • A passion to create unique and lasting value for clients.
  • Confidence in one’s ability.
  • Pride in one’s role.
  • Transparency in everything we do.
  • A strong sense of accountability.
  • The willingness to support one’s peers.
  • A habit of working hard.
  • Learning from peer experiences.
  • Readiness to take ownership over outcomes.

Reason we love returning to work everyday

  • We are charged with a bigger goal: That of making the world a more productive place with better talent.
  • Our employees are linked, not ranked.
  • Co-workers are sources of inspiration, support and valuable resource.
  • Ergonomically designed workspaces facilitate privacy and collaboration at the same time.
  • Everyone gets personal time to explore, discover and enrich themselves.
  • Gym and workouts ensure healthier employees who solve problems quicker.

Ingredients that make our day great.

  • Diversity

  • Responsibility

  • Work-life balance

  • Professionalism

  • Coffee

Our differences add up:
To something greater.

Diversity drives our essence, helping us appreciate each other’s opinions and approaches more. The result? Uncommon synergies that help us reach our goals in effectively, faster.

Wondering if you’d fit into our culture? Take the test.

  • Are you open to new challenges and experiences?
  • Do you ask questions when you feel stuck (instead of ducking the issue?)
  • Are you comfortable connecting with peers – irrespective of their background or culture?
  • Can you stay flexible and adaptable to your surroundings without letting go of your goals and benchmarks?
  • Are you the sort who never compromises with quality, no matter what?
  • Do you always keep the clients’ needs first?

If you’ve answered YES! to the above questions, you’d fit right in!

We believe talent can do amazing things. So let’s start with yours.

When a bunch of veteran professionals with enviable portfolios straddling diverse industries and powerful networks spread locally across the globe converge as a unit, sparks are bound to fly. We not only bring the best together: We ensure that vision, values and verve align to create that elusive sweet spot where ideas feed off one another, diversity becomes a source of inspiration and excellence flourishes. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit (to not just take charge of assignments, but of outcomes), a natural flair for innovation, a stomach for growth and, most significantly, a genuine desire to help organizations looking to scale the next level of hiring, you could be the talent we’re looking for.

Are you the talent that’s going to help us find our next? Let’s find out.

At HF, we believe that business success is a function of a high calibre workforce. It’s the reason why we make sure that the professionals we employ don’t just come with top-notch credentials in the domain of human capital, but indeed.

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At HF, we believe that business success is a function of a high calibre workforce. It’s the reason why we make sure that the professionals we employ don’t just come with top-notch credentials in the domain of human capital, but indeed.

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At HF, we believe that business success is a function of a high calibre workforce. It’s the reason why we make sure that the professionals we employ don’t just come with top-notch credentials in the domain of human capital, but indeed.

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Our customers love us.
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Our Happy Client

“Every company has a secret sauce. Headfield has many. And they combine them brilliantly to tailor killer solutions for clients – no matter what the industry or emergency”.

Our Happy Client

“These guys work like clockwork and deliver exactly as promised. Indeed, more often than not, they go well beyond. And they do it all with a smile. That’s more than what I can say about some industry bigwigs I have dealt with.”

Our Happy Client

“Headfield delivers a truly inclusive gamut of specializations that open up new doors of possibilities and opportunities. It’s the best thing about working with them!”

Our Happy Client

“These guys set us free from the intractable challenges of hiring and allowed us to return to what we do best: Focus on our big vision.”

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