Contract Staffing

Whether it is a new project, seasonal requirement or even a lean period (of retrenchment), our versatile and experienced Contract Staffing professionals can support your short-term talent needs at short notice. The result? You get to meet your business goals at a more optimized cost – be it maintaining appropriate staff levels, retaining talent, or simply anything in between.

Contract-to-Hire Staffing

Have a good feeling about a candidate and yet not 100% sure if he’s ‘the one’? Our well-honed Contract-to-hire Staffing professionals combine the better of two worlds to offer the perfect solution. First, they go through appropriate talent channels with a fine toothed comb to locate the candidate. Then, we bring you the privilege of observing his or her performance and culture compatibility over a finite contract period (post which he or she is either hired or let go of) to assess full-time and long-term role fitness.

Permanent staffing /
Direct hire

Our Direct Staffing solutions leverage an integrated, 360 degree quality process to identify (after extensive background checks), assess (via domain-specific screening, psychometric tests and behavioural interview techniques) and recruit hi calibre talent for your permanent staffing requirements, thereby boosting your capabilities and letting you get on with business.

Project Staffing

Our mission-ready Project Staffing experts remain equipped to support an entire range of ‘just in time’ talent contingencies – from a new office to an important assignment to contract based hiring to seasonal demands to unforeseen recruitment challenges. By leveraging process-driven strategies proprietarily perfected across industries and roles, our outsourced, scalable programs not only let you tide over the challenge, but ensure everything runs smoothly by managing administrative, logistic and other collateral duties as well.

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Our Happy Client

“Every company has a secret sauce. Headfield has many. And they combine them brilliantly to tailor killer solutions for clients – no matter what the industry or emergency”.

Our Happy Client

“These guys work like clockwork and deliver exactly as promised. Indeed, more often than not, they go well beyond. And they do it all with a smile. That’s more than what I can say about some industry bigwigs I have dealt with.”

Our Happy Client

“Headfield delivers a truly inclusive gamut of specializations that open up new doors of possibilities and opportunities. It’s the best thing about working with them!”

Our Happy Client

“These guys set us free from the intractable challenges of hiring and allowed us to return to what we do best: Focus on our big vision.”

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