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Recruitment is a serious business and the speed interview is not a substitute for a formal, in-depth interview. It's simply a way of helping candidates decide which companies they'd like to concentrate their time and efforts on.

Keith Robinson

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. And a recruiter happens to be one of the most important links of the recruitment chain. The recipe for success for any recruiter is speed, accuracy, an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of the requirement, an eye to separate talent from the masses, a flair for negotiation and finally the amicability of a friend to ensure that he delivers the consultant to the client. A recruiter is involved in all aspects of interaction with the consultant right from sourcing to resume screening to technical and functional interview. However, the process just doesn’t end there, the recruiter then needs to format the resume as per company’s standards and make submission to the account manager onsite for further submission to the client’s hiring manager. Thereafter comes the interview scheduling, pre-interview briefing, post-interview briefing and onboarding. This can be highly taxing and erratic if you do not have the right person for the job

We at Head Field understand this and provide our RPO partners with full-time dedicated recruiters that work in tandem with their onsite recruitment team to fulfill day-to-day requirements. Through the dedicated recruiters, you get access to experienced and expert level offshore recruiters in India. We put all efforts to ensure that you have access not only to the best International Recruiters but at the same time that they progressively grow in terms of their skills. We provide all our recruiters with in-house training programs to make them aware of the upcoming technologies and skills to keep them updated with the latest recruitment trends.

Our facilities are equipped with start-of-the-art systems to help you have control of the process even when you are not present with your offshore recruiter physically. We provide you with all the input necessary for you to be able to better manage your recruiters in India and at the same time optimize your process to function without any glitches. You might be very new to the offshore recruitment process. Our experience in the international recruitment industry enables us to give you informed inputs to your queries along with suggestions as to how to go about it in a effective way without wasting your time or money.

We understand that you have put in a lot of effort to be able to work with your current clients and are looking to expand your business. A wrong offshore recruiter can negate all your efforts and hard work. It can at the same time cause your team to actually be spending more time in correcting the mistakes of the offshore recruiter rather than concentrating on making new clients or the other relevant processes which require their expertise and physical presence on-site. We ensure that this does not happen. All recruiters are carefully selected and need to undergo rigorous interviews both with us as well as you before they are hired. This ensures that you know exactly who you are working with rather than taking a leap of blind faith in selecting your offshore employee. Our regular training programs ensure that your recruiter is and remains to be an effective resource to your company rather than a liability.

By selecting to work with Head Field’s tailor-made recruitment solutions, you will benefit not only from our experience but from our knowledge of how to effectively manage your offshore recruiter in India.

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About Head Field

Head Field has been a formidable player in the outsourcing business market for almost half a decade. Started with a vision to help businesses abroad recruit talent from India, our company now includes other services in its basket of offerings apart from RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) which has been our thrust area for over half a decade.

Our aim is to help our clients recruit top talent, especially from India, with ease. We ensure that our clients not only save money but also time by providing end-to-end recruiting services.

With our innovative ground-breaking ideas, detailed approach, and quality-oriented delivery of outsourced solutions we assist our clients to fulfill their tasks quickly and efficiently.

Head Field offers many offshore services to businesses that look for talent in India. Whether you want to recruit IT staff for offices based around the world, outsource staff augmentation services, hire experienced international recruiters to assist your onsite recruiters, help your business in terms of lead generation, outsource activities related to improving the brand image of your company, or perhaps outsource technology development work, we are the right place for you to source talent.

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We also specialize in mobile application development for all mobile platforms.

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