In these times of smart business, HeadField’s ‘Recruiter-on-Demand’ offering brings you the smartest way to save on your recruitment costs while boosting the quality of your hires. Here’s how:


Big, big savings

Save big on overheads, job-board & portal membership, infrastructure, real-estate, tracking technology, training and vendors.


Dedicated Recruiter

Your dedicated Recruiter-on-Demand is available as per your schedules and requirements.


Veteran domain-experts

Access experienced specialists across disciplines and domains – no matter what the industry or space – to work for you.


Easy Plug N play format

Activate Headfield’s Recruiter-on-Demand anywhere & anytime across multiple mediums.


Quality Resumes

Our experienced, trustworthy and hyper-focused recruiters-on-demand can fill your positions fast with top-notch, hard-to-find talent.


Never lose control

Take 100% charge at every point of the process via automated reports and updates.


Utilize your teams better

As you focus on core and important tasks – while we take care of all hiring details.


Pay Per Use

Avail our convenient Subscription Based (Monthly/Quarterly/Annually) Business Models.


No Hidden Cost

One Shot Payment, No recurring or extra charges.


No contractual bindings

Zero Contract based association formats.



Headfield’s dedicated Recruiters-on-Demand hit the ground running by syncing with your internal systems, processes and teams from Day One.


Pipeline builder

Build your very own round-the-year talent pipeline of strong candidates.


Scale easily

Ramp up (or scale down) your hiring bench strength as per the situation.


Expand & diversify

Grow by explore new industries and sectors with our versatile Recruiters-on-Demand.


Here are some folks who made the crossover to HeadField’s ROD way - and aren’t going back to the old system anytime soon!

  • “We saved a ton of money working with Headfield’s ROD’s.”
  • “HeadField’s ROD systems has brought in a sense of sanity to our hiring system in these quickly changing scenario.”
  • “I’m enjoying vastly better results with HeadField’s ROD’s. It’s definitely the future of hiring!”

Kick-start a smarter phase in your
company’s hiring.

With HeadField’s On-Demand-Recruiters : Your strategic, profitable & unbeatable business advantage.

  • Buy one, Get it all.
  • Our Subscription based model lets you access all HR Recruitment Services by purchasing just one Recruiter-on-Demand.

  • Unmatched price-advantage.
  • Access our Recruiters-on Demand (ROD) at a special, limited-period offer.

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HeadField Solutions is a leading global name in the talent acquisition space. We provide the talent, versatility and agility new-age businesses need to stay ahead of the constantly changing curve. Head Field’s specialized team of 800+ recruiters operate out of multiple branches in Delhi-NCR, straddling 28 domains & industries, and catering to a rich roster of clients (including several from the Fortune 500 list) spread across US, Canada, Australia and India.